StudySprings Pvt. Ltd., (Previously SPMR Technos), which is based in Salem, Tamil Nadu was born in the month of April 2010 with an intention to bring about a change in the education system in Tamil Nadu, South India, by providing an effective & quality online education; especially during an era in which the current system of education has a very strong emphasis on ‘only scoring marks’ that eventually does not inculcate the qualities of 

          i) thinking ability, 

          ii) application of knowledge, 

          iii) handling of challenges and so on’.


As time elapsed, the ‘three-member company’, assisted by a few teachers, was able to launch its first product with the name of ‘StudySprings 12th on the 17th of October, 2010. It is an online portal for the 12th standard students studying in the schools of Tamil Nadu. ‘StudySprings’ offers a very different kind of education through this portal, where students can study and as well take ‘Online Tests’ in any type of question. In fact it is the only e-Learning portal to offer an ‘Online Test’ for the ‘Descriptive Type of Answers’!!!


After a period of three years, the team members of StudySprings Pvt. Ltd., proudly acknowledge that ‘StudySprings 12th’ has been able to implement its objective of changing the method of education in 200 Schools in the State of Tamil Nadu.


Now, StudySprings Pvt. Ltd., has emerged as an innovative portal for providing appropriate modules for “Placement and Training” and “Competitive Exams Preparation”.



Every student has a ‘Dream of entering an Institution of Great Reputation’ soon after his/her graduation, in order to begin the ‘Professional Life’. Very few individuals get employed in their ‘Dream Company’.

This is because seldom do the students receive any exposure during their years of education about ‘Career Avenues’ and ‘Recruitment Procedures’. Even many of them are unaware of the work culture existing in various MNCs, Small & Medium Enterprises and also the Government establishments.

In such a scenario, we at StudySprings have evolved an e-Portal of “Placement Training” which is a ‘One Stop’ center for training oneself in order to face the “Competitive Exams” and the ‘Final Interview’ to get placed in a very reputed company, as a ‘Team Member’ or ‘Technician’ or ‘IT Professional’.

Numerous questions have been meticulously prepared in the following topics of preparation for training the ‘promising candidate’:

i) Verbal Reasoning,              

ii) Quantitative Aptitude and

iii) Analytical Reasoning.


Frequent self-tests can be taken by the student to judge his/her level of preparation for the ‘Final Exams’. ‘Mock Tests’ at the ‘National Level’ have been designed to ensure the ‘Spirit of Competition’ among the students undergoing the ‘Placement Training’.

We are confident that a ‘diligent student’ will certainly benefit from our training program to get a ‘Privileged Placement’ in a ‘reputed company’.



The world has become a very ‘Competitive Dwelling’ for the discerning citizens who are preparing to face the ‘challenges of life’ ever since their admission in to the ‘Primary School’. From K.G. to 12th std. the progress is less stressful than the ‘ascent to the portals of Higher Education’. But, after ‘graduation’ from a University, the progress has been ‘significantly painful’ for most of the students in our country.

The most striking reason for this inability to attain a ‘successful placement’ in a very good company or Government Institution is the ‘lack of skills’ to face the ‘competitive exams’, which are conducted to select the suitable candidates for ‘Professional Education’ and later for the ‘Placement in a Company or Government Establishment’.

Keeping in focus the needs of the ‘aspiring candidates’, we, at ‘StudySprings’, have designed the ‘Module of Competitive Exam Training’. It caters to the needs of a student who is preparing for any of the following ‘competitive exams’:

1. Bank CWE PO Exam for Bank Probationary Officers

2. Common Admission Test (CAT) Exam for Management Studies

3. Management Admission Test (MAT) Exam for Management Studies


We are planning to launch for the other competitive exams in due course of time.


Meticulous care has been taken to present the ‘Study Material’ to strengthen the ‘Fundamental Concepts’ of all topics required for the ‘efficient preparation’ of the ‘enthusiastic candidate’.


Revision of lessons in various topics has been ensured by ‘Unit Tests’, ‘Full Portion Tests’ and ‘Mock Tests’.


‘National Level Revision Tests’ have been designed to wet the ‘competitive spirit’ of the candidates. These will certainly give a ‘unique direction’ to the candidate to assess his/her progress, before attempting the ‘Final Exams’.


We wish all the candidates of our “Competitive Exams Portal” a ‘dazzling success’ in their future. 


The enthusiastic core team of StudySprings is currently developing the following products:

i. Vedic Mathematics – Mind Mathematics for school students.

ii. In addition to the e-Learning portal of ‘StudySprings’, we are also developing an e-Counseling portal called ‘MyMindBodySoul’.


This portal will give a variety of information relating to the ‘Mind, Body and Soul’ of an individual. The team is also developing the animation videos of different ‘Yogasanas’, ‘Mudras’ and ‘Pranayamas’. Besides this, an exhaustive repository of the medicinal healing, provided by various ‘fruits’, ‘vegetables’, ‘grains’ and ‘spices’, is also being compiled by the team.


To strengthen the ‘Emotional Quotient’ and also the ‘Spiritual Quotient’ of an individual, a team of qualified counselors is preparing the content to enable the i) self-awareness and ii) self-assessment of a person who is willing to develop his/her ‘personality’.